Friday, August 13, 2010

Which is worse?

About once a week my kids become best friends.  They spend the morning playing with each other, everyone gets along, and there is no screaming or crying.  It's really quite blissful, on my end.  There are other benefits as well.

Because this "once a week bond" always involves the same thing, there are other benefits to the activity.  You see, they have a "sleep over" in Austin's room.  Yes, it's 9am, but they are pretending to have a sleep over.  When they have a sleep over, they drag everything for the girls' rooms and put it in his room.  Heaven forbid they be caught at a sleep over without something they need.

I mean everything.  They really clear the place out.

This is perk #2  Once a week Ellie and Riley's rooms get an incredible vaccuuming job. Perk #1 obviously being the break from sheer madness.

However, there is a lot of things in the girls' rooms.  And, it all has to go somewhere.

Hello?  Can I come in?

Hmmm, this door seems to be stuck on something...

This is where it all goes.  And this is where it all stays.  Putting things away is not nearly as fun as dragging them all out.

But, once a week, I choose cleaning up after them (they help) instead of interrupting their sleepovers.

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Sheri said...

My boys would do that, but for some reason it always ended up with some blood on someone, and crying. You are probably lucky to have two girls thrown in there!!