Thursday, August 19, 2010

Terrible Twos are Here

I should say they are "officially" here.  Riley has been testing out the "terrible two" stage for awhile now, but now she is officially the age to match the adjective.

We celebrated on the 9th by going to Minnesota's Largest Candy store.  It's in Jordan.  I think it's actually called Jim's Apple Barn or something like that.  I am not sure the claim of "Minnesota's Largest" is a verified fact, but it was fun nonetheless.  The Murphy's (minus Mike) and Grandma and Grandpa Smith joined us. 

We each picked out something.  They had quite a selection, including candy filled with real bugs.

I was happy to find some old favorites like Big League Chew and Candy Cigarettes.

Grandma bought each of the kids a pack of smokes.  Riley picked it up right away...should I be worried? 

As kids we used to love going up to the nearest gas station and getting these in the winter.  Then we could eat them outside and blow out "smoke" if it was cold enough.  My how times change...I'm fairly certain that type of activity would be discouraged these days.

After the candy store we hit up the Jordan McDonald's (or "Old McDonald's" according to Ellie) because it has a Playland attached.  Maddie told us it was extremely gross smelling, but the other kids didn't seem to mind and were effectively worn out for nap time.

When Rob got home Riley opened her presents and we all enjoyed a pizza party and cupcakes.
"Make a wish!"

The celebration continued on Saturday when the extended family gathered to celebrate one more time.  Rob and I set out to test the State Fair recipes again.  I screwed up the onion rings some how, but the rest was still good.  The birthday girl received a deep fried candy bar instead of a piece of cake.  Come August, with four summer birthdays, we are pretty "caked out" in this house.

Riley has adjusted well to her new two year old status.  She eagerly defies us at any opportunity.  But, in the blink of an eye melts our anger with her "look".  Chin tilted down, big brown eyes looking up at you, with a slight tilt of her head like she's almost every time.  And she knows it.

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