Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Sound of Silence

Friday afternoon Rob came home early, packed up the eagerly awaiting kids, and headed off to Iowa.  I stayed home. 

By myself.

I cannot believe how quiet this house is!  All weekend I have been stopping to listen to various sounds of the house that I never knew existed.  It's almost eerie.

I went right to work the second they left.  I had big plans this weekend.  I was going to spend all day/night cleaning on Friday.  Not just cleaning, but purging.  I went through each child's room selecting toys and clothes they no longer used.  I even went through my own closet.  The result was 3 boxes of clothes for an upcoming garage sale, one large tote of toys to sell, one large tote of classic toys to save for future generations, and two bags of clothes and toys to give to Goodwill.  It was extremely satisfying but it took up about 4.5 hours of the day which meant I didn't get a chance to actually clean the house like I wanted.  Saturday morning I slept in, made some coffee, read in bed for awhile, and then got back to work.  I cleaned places that haven't seen a rag in 5 years.  Gross.  I took down our wood blinds and cleaned those for the first time ever (and maybe the last time - what an awful job!).  I even cleaned light fixtures.  Then I got even crazier and started wiping off the walls.  They are only dirty from my waist down with little grubby fingerprints. 

It's while I was cleaning the walls that I realized how much destruction our children have caused to the walls.  My dad brought me over some spackle (he was in the neighborhood at Lowes...convenient!) and I got to work.  Patching small holes in our walls.  Then I painted those spots.  I have to say, I HATE painting.  But, this was one of the most satisfying jobs from the weekend.  I'm already planning the next set of walls I'm going to tackle.

My weekend wasn't all work.  Saturday afternoon I met my friend Carrie at Parley Lake Winery.  We tasted a flight of wines, bought a bottle, and sat in their peaceful little garden area to enjoy a glass of wine.  That particular day, only the tasting room (garage) was open, but on September 1st, they have an orchard store that will be open as well.  Decent wines but nothing that I loved.

From there we made a pit stop at my house and then headed to another winery called Crofut.  For some reason, I wasn't expecting much of this place, but I enjoyed it more than the first.  I still didn't walk away with any "must have" wines, but the ambiance was great and we ordered a cheese and cracker plate to go with our wine.  In addition to the snacks, they clipped a bunch of grapes straight off the vines and gave them to us to eat.  These were the best grapes I have ever had.  I might go back there just for the bunch of grapes.

Following the wineries we headed back to my house to make some dinner.  Carrie brought along her home made pasta, we made a salad with our fresh garden veggies, and garlic bread.  Our other friend Michelle joined us and we had a good old fashioned girls night.  It has been a long time since the three of us have gotten to just sit at some one's house and enjoy a nice dinner.

Something about red wine renders me incapable of sleep so I have now been up since 3am, but, oddly, I'm not that tired.  I tackled the last wooden blind, read the paper, and had some breakfast.  I believe I have about 3.5 hours left of my "staycation".  I know my kids are having a blast, and as quiet as it is here, I will probably be able to hear their protests when Rob announces it's time to go home.

It's not every day you get to go to the park in your PJs:

(sent from Rob yesterday)


Anonymous said...

Ellie--You're a Hoot!!!
Love, Grandma R.

Carol said...

That picture is adorable and what fun!