Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My old (only) Roommate Visits

Three weeks ago we had some semi-long distance visitors. Well, about a 5 hour drive, but for me, that is a long time in the car. My old roommate, Jessica, and her two kids Liam (7) and Elleigh (5) came to visit us. They arrived Friday evening and stayed through the weekend leaving Monday morning. My Ellie was in Girl Heaven the whole time! Not to mention her elation that her new best friend shares her name.

They spent their time playing Strawberry Shortcake and dressing up as princesses. They shared a room at night (and a bed for that matter) and when it was time to go to sleep they were nothing but giggles. In the morning the girls were the first awake and they came downstairs, sat on the couch, and my Ellie declared “We want to watch a princess movie! [turning to her new friend] We don’t like Star Wars, right? We like girl movies!” It was the first time that Ellie has taken a girly stand in this house.

Liam and Austin, in the meantime, focused their attention on Star Wars and general ruckus. Unfortunately, Austin was having one of his mysterious fevers, so he wasn’t quite up to his normal abilities to fly around the house and keep up with Liam.

They did all bond over the same thing at one point. The Splash Pad. We took them to the Splash Pad in Burnsville in an effort to wear them out. It was only mildly successful but thoroughly enjoyable.

Jessica and I even found some time to sneak away without the kids for a couple hours of hardcore shopping.

But, before we knew it, Monday morning was here and we were saying our good-byes.
Riley became completely attached to Liam, who she called "my buddy" and spent the next couple days waking up and immediately asking where he was.

One of these years the Runchey’s will have to make the trek down to Iowa City to visit them. Until then, I maintain 5 hours is too long in a car.

Thanks for the visit, Jessica!

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