Monday, August 9, 2010

Build-a-Bear x3

My parents have a few things they like to do with each of their grand kids.  One of which is to take them each to Build-a-Bear to make a stuffed animal and dress it in their favorite outfit.  Well, Build-A-Bear recently hosted a great deal for an animal of your choice, outfit of your choice, and shoes of your choice.  No restrictions.  So, of to Build-A-Bear the Runchey's went (with Grandma and Grandpa). 

My kids were EXTREMELY excited.  This trip was my bargaining chip for 2 days.  Tears were instantly stopped, clothes put away, and food was eaten all with the mention of possibly canceling this trip.  Finally, the day was upon us.  I tried to prep the kids with options prior to going to the store so that 1) they understood what would be happening and 2) we weren't there for 3 hours.  Within 30 seconds of seeing the animals, Ellie settled on the horse.  Austin wanted a bear.  I showed him his 5 options and he knew immediately which one he wanted.  Riley wanted one of everything but was very happy with her scruffy puppy.

Next they each picked out a heart for their new animal and rubbed it on their own heart for love, their muscles for strength:

Their ears for good listening skills:

And probably a couple other places I'm forgetting.  Then they each placed their heart in their animals and pushed the button to stuff them.

After a quick squeeze to make sure it was cuddly enough, the animals were sewn up and off to the air bath:

Then it was time to pick out outfits.  Austin knew exactly what he wanted and there was no swaying his decision.  Ellie was also fairly quick to pick between the princess options.  Riley wanted nothing to do with the outfits, but absolutely had to have the rainbow shoes for her puppy.  I picked out an outfit that sort of went with the shoes and she agreed to it. 

On our way out of the store Riley insisted on holding her puppy box.  She was not letting go of it for anything!

After Build-A-Bear it was off to Perkins for lunch.  Chocolate Chip Bear pancakes (and pizza) were the dishes chosen. 

Once we got home everyone was very anxious to get their animals out of their travel boxes.  I'm proud to present...

Ellie's Sleeping Beauty Horse (who she named Elleigh...after her new friend with the same name):

Austin and his Captain Rex bear:

And Riley and her Scruffy Puppy (with Rainbow shoes!):

And if you think the fun was over, you thought wrong.  The boxes are almost as fun as the animals!

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Sue H said...

That looks like sooo much fun!