Monday, August 30, 2010

Away he goes!

Austin just got on the bus for kindergarten.  Literally 10 minutes ago.

He was excited.  So was I.

Ellie was not.  She wanted to go.

Riley didn't care one way or another as long as we all "oohed" and "aahhhed" over her new Dora shoes.

He still hasn't grasped the concept of just smiling normal for the camera.  Someday...

My highlight came when he got on the bus, turned around and yelled "Good bye Mom and Dad!  I love you!" with a grand farewell way.

And my second highlight was once Mia and him selected a seat (almost the very last, while all the other kids were in the first 5 rows) and he waved to me and blew me a kiss.  All on his own, no prompting on my part.

That's Austin blowing me a kiss!

My neighbor followed the bus to school and just called to report that they all happily marched off the bus and are standing in line behind their teacher ready to go in for their first day.  She said Austin stopped right away to say something to his teacher but she couldn't make out what it was he said.  Typical Austin.  Mia and Austin are keeping an eye on each other and making sure the other is near.  That's how they roll.

Now my girls are asleep and Austin is in school and I have my 2 hours to myself once again.


Jon said...

I'd bet that all the other kids were pretty jealous of Austin's sweet Star Wars T-shirt.

Tracy said...

That sweet Star Wars t-shirt is a size 3T and quickly becoming a "belly shirt". Not so sweet.

Grandma R said...

Hi Runcheys, Glad to hear Austin had a good first day at Kindergarten. Bet he'll dazzle his teacher with all his Star Wars knowledge. I know he dazzles me. Hope he continues to enjoy school. Will certainly enjoy getting updates on this blog. Love, Grandma R.