Monday, August 23, 2010

Aaaand Theeeeyy're Off!

This past weekend we deliberately disobeyed our naptime ritual and took the kids to the horse track instead.  Canterbury Downs has been free admission all summer and we had yet to take advantage of such close and free entertainment.  With only two weekends left of racing, we decided to act quick.  Sunday is "family" day and so we ate some lunch, skipped some naps, and got there for 1:30 post time.

On Family Day they have free face painting, free pony rides, and a free petting zoo (of sorts).  It was a bit much for Riley to take in.  Especially without a nap. 

All of those out of the ordinary opportunities, and our kids just wanted to play here:

But, we did eventually get to see a few races.  For the first race we had them stand right at the fence so the horses would go racing right past them.

The next couple races we took in from the bleachers.  Actually, I think we may have been sitting in seats reserved for owners.  But, no one said anything, so apparently it wasn't a big deal, or we fooled them all!

We also lucked out with some added entertainment.  Apparently it was "Mascot Day" so they loaded up six or seven local mascots into the gates and they had a foot race.  The kids thought that was pretty funny. 

The Shakopee Saber was running as if his life depended on it, while the others were just being goofy mascots.  I have a feeling that Saber didn't want his high school buddies making fun of him for being beat by a gigantic pee cup.  Yes, one of the mascots was a pee sample cup.

On our way out the kids rode some horses in their own race.

Riley won by a nose.

It was all too much for our littlest jockey to take in.

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Jane said...

A gaint pee cup? How do you even begin to explain that???