Monday, July 12, 2010

Two Down, One to Go

Here's your clues:




Yep.  I've decided this is the week to start potty training Riley.  Austin was a little frustrating.  Ellie was a breeze.  I'm hoping Riley follows in Ellie's tracks.

She has gone #2 a handful of times in the toilet already, not today...but in the past few weeks.  Also in the past few weeks she says "Go poot Mommy!" and she runs to the toilet.  I know she is probably ready but I've been putting it off because there is always a good reason to not tackle this commitment.  First it was the fourth of July weekend and we'd be traveling to Iowa, then it was two birthday parties we were attending (I didn't want my kid peeing on the floor of someone else's house). 

This week I can think of at least 3 other reasons I should not be doing this, but I'm guessing that will be the case every week of the year.

We've got the treats for successes (cheers for trying) and the timer is set so I don't get lost in the days' activities and forget to take her every 15 minutes.  I've got a fresh bottle of Resolve for the carpets and a pile of training pants for the accidents.

Here goes!


Sue H said...

"She has gone #2 a handful of times" made me laugh. I'm waaay too literal. Good luck, and I'm betting it will be a good week.

Carol said...

She will be trained in no time - piece of cake (hee-hee). Good luck!

Kristy said...

Good luck! We are still working with Micah and it has been a challenge.

Tracy said...

As of nap time, we are struggling. Poop isn't a problem, pee is. I think post-nap she's going to run around naked so she can feel the wet (and hopefully not like it). If you live in the area, nevermind the little naked girl running around in our backyard :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she's ready. Guess the number 2 part always was the hardest-so I think she'll accomplish this tough job before our family reunion!! That's only about eight days away!! Good Luck..See you all soon. Love, Grandma R. Got the baggo boards reserved and the baby sitters for Saturday.