Monday, July 26, 2010

The Star Wars Birthday Bash

The summer is flying by!  I'm really behind on blogging what's going on here, but the blog will have to take a back seat to the fun we're having.

A week after his official birthday Austin had his much anticipated "Friend Birthday Party".  It's probably the least I've ever planned for a birthday party.  Partly because Kerry had just had a Star Wars party for Jake so I knew I could use most of her ideas.  But still, there really wasn't much effort put into this party on my part.  I enlisted my mom to make 6 more jedi robes (Thanks Mom), Rob took over cake detail (Thanks Rob), and I think my only real solo task was making light sabers and goody bags.

Onto the party.  It was insane from the get go.  Austin invited 6 friends over, and from the second the first child arrived, it was chaos.  Screaming, running, more screaming, and just general pandemonium.  First everyone played "don't let the balloons touch the ground" while Rob guarded our glass cabinet.  Then a few of the boys settled down to play with some Star Wars guys.

While this was happening the girls on the other end attacked my husband.

I literally had to come to his rescue as they were not leaving him alone no matter where he went and if he tried to pull his arm away, they would grip on so tight they were pulling arm hairs off his arms.  It wasn't pretty.  I know he's a catch...but geesh!  Back off girls!

I've never been so excited to see a pizza man in my life.  After a very quick meal I glanced at the sky and saw some troublesome looking clouds coming our way and decided it was time to hit the backyard and complete the Jedi Training we had planned.

Our young Jedis had to run an obstacle course.  The course had target practice with Darth Vader:

Throwing Droid Poppers into the pit, hopping through hula hoops, running past the sprinkler of doom, up to the tower to rescue the Baby Hutt (which was Riley's Elmo), and then down the slide and through 3 tents and tunnels.  When the Jedi's accomplished the course, they were awarded with their Jedi Robes. As a side note, it was easily 95 degrees out at this point and I ran that obstacle course 7 times.  Hot.

Once all the kids were done with their training it was back to running around like maniacs.  Only, they were maniacs with Jedi Robes and Light Sabers.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I armed seven 5 year olds with foam light sabers.

When I thought I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion I suggested we all head inside for cake and presents.

And then it was back outside until parents showed up.  It was like angels singing when the first parent arrived.  The kids were all very good, but I have a very good understanding of why parents take the parties outside of their houses.

One more round of birthday parties in August for Riley and then we get a break.

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Sheri said...

I laughed the whole time I read this post. Oh the memories!!! I'm sure it was amazing for Austin, but I bet you'll never do it again!! We did it once, and then started heading to McDonalds to let some poor sucker handle the kids. lol