Friday, July 2, 2010

Change in Roles

Whereas my days used to be consumed with this:

They are now consumed with this:

On Tuesday, I met Bob and Patti halfway to West Bend and we exchanged some goods.  Namely, Austin.  He has been staying with them in West Bend and taking swimming lessons since Tuesday afternoon.

The change around the house was subtle at first, but as Ellie has fallen into the role of "leader" the changes are much more noticeable.  On the first day Ellie and our neighbor Mia were outside playing and they picked up plastic golf clubs and started to run around pretending they were Clone Troopers.  It's just what they do outside and I guess they've never questioned it.  However, by the second day they were just playing chasing games, and by yesterday they were being downright girly! 

I know that everyone misses Austin, and I know that ultimately Mia remains devoted to her best friend, but the break in the routine has been nice.  It has forced my girls to be each other's sole playmates.  In doing so, I think they have realized they have a lot of fun together (and yes, I realize they are a little young to realize such things...but I can see it ever so slightly). 

We'll be reunited with Austin today we're all excited to see him, but I won't be surprised if Ellie and Mia surprise Austin with a few new games next time they are outside together.  Something more along the lines of this:

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