Tuesday, July 27, 2010


These two are inseperable.  They have been since...well, they met when they were 5 months old.  Obviously in the beginning, it wasn't their choice to hang out together, but since whenever it was their choice, they have been connected at the hip!  Not a day goes by that Austin doesn't mention Mia, his girlfriend, in some passing thought.  He tells anyone that will listen all about her.  This includes, but is not limited to, the dentist, mailman, and cashiers at random stores. 

They've already discussed their wedding too.  He has rejected other offers from fellow preschoolers because he is "already going to marry Mia".  The other day they were whiling away the hours on the swingset and I was on the deck listening in to their conversation (a favorite past time of mine) and it went like this:
A:  Mia, where should be live when we marry?
M:  I don't know.  I haven't thought about it.
A:  I know!  We can live in Lost Vegas!
M:  How are we gonna get there?
A:  I don't  know.
M:  My mom got me Flicker Kitty [her favorite stuffed animal] in Vegas!
A:  How will we get there?
M:  How 'bout an air-o-plane?
A:  Great idea, Mia.  Let's ask my mom for a popsicle!

I'm happy they have mapped out all the details.  Right down to dessert. 

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Corey said...

She's gonna be his "Jenny"...that is too cute though!