Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 4th - West Bend

We had a great weekend.  We drove down to Iowa on Friday afternoon to reunite with Austin.  At first glance he was 3 shades darker and his hair was 3 shades lighter.  Also, his eyebrows had all but disappeared (into white hairs).  What a difference 4 fun filled pool days will do to a kid!  Also, I declare his swimming lessons a success!  He has no fear of the water again. He leaps off the side without any reservations.  He swims underwater...sort of.  His first two strokes are usually pretty good, but then he starts convulsing, getting no where, until he runs out of breath.  At that point, he pops up with a smile on his face and starts all over.

Saturday afternoon was the West Bend celebration.  It started around 11 with a parade (the slowest moving parade in the history of parades) down main street.  It was a million degrees so the adults tried their best to hide in a sliver of shade provided by the post office while the kids scurried around picking up candy.  After lunch it was off to the park where they had about 6 different inflatable attractions, pony rides, games for kids, bingo, and food.

Ellie was immediately drawn to the pony rides.  Last year, when she expressed an interest, we signed her up and waited in line for 30 minutes and when it was finally her turn she cried and would not even go near the pony.  I didn't hold out much hope for this year being any different but we tried anyway.  To my surprise she did great this year.  She went around the ring 4 times and enjoyed every second.

Austin wanted to go into the inflatable train right away.

While he was in there, the girls went into a smaller, toddler friendly area. 

Then Austin wanted to go down this slide.  We estimated it was 15-20 ft in height.  Well, if Austin was going to do it, then so was Ellie.  They climbed to the top and Austin went down.  No problems.

Ellie's turn wasn't as smooth.  She started with plenty of confidence but midway down she got twisted up and ended in a face plant.

While we were collecting them at the "exit" the operator of the slide said "Is this one yours" and when I turned around Riley was halfway up the ladder. 

So, Rob threw over a couple of tickets and said "let her go!"

Our little dare devil climbed up no problem and came down in about the same fashion as Ellie...only with a smile on her face.  Austin went about 4 more times, Riley went twice more, and Ellie went once.  The slide monopolized most of their tickets, but they did try a few other inflatables.

The carnival went well into Riley and Ellie's nap time.  Ellie left early and went back with Grandma.  Riley did something she has never done in her almost 2 year history.

She fell asleep on Rob while he was talking to some friends.  Keeping up with her brother and sister is hard work.

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