Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The 4th - Pontoon Style

We left West Bend at nap time on the 4th and due to the excitement of the weekend all of the kids fell asleep during the ride.  Which is great, because the festivities of the weekend were not over.  Shortly after we returned home, we packed up everyone back into the car and headed to my parents house.

We christened their new deck with a barbeque and as the sun began to set, the excitement began to set in.  There was no chance of the girls staying awake long enough for fireworks so Rob (who has been battling a cold for a week or so) took them home while the rest of us headed out on the pontoon!

It was a perfect night for a evening ride.  The skeeters weren't terrible due to the breeze, but they still made an appearance.  Austin and Jake acted crazy...or probably just like boys.  They appear calm in this photo:

But, I'm fairly certain that they both did sommersaults off the seat to get to those spots.

Austin was very excited that he was the only one (well, between him and his sisters) to get to go on the pontoon.  He claimed the fireworks (which were spectacular!) looked like a "dance party", but failed to show us any of his awesome moves.

I took some pictures of fireworks but I don't know what I'm doing so they didn't turn out.  You know what fireworks look like.  Some of the best we saw were actually hosted by a house on the lake.  We spent a great deal of time trying estimating how much money they spent on fireworks.  In the end we decided that it had to be a neighborhood contribution, it was that good.

When the majority of the entertainment concluded we headed back to the dock.  Or what we thought was the dock.  Turns out the lake is fairly dark at night and next year some flashlights or spot lights...or dock lights would be a good idea.  But, we eventually did find our destination.

What a great weekend!

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