Monday, June 21, 2010

Tracy's Small Appliance Repair Shop

I'm going to have to come up with a catchier name, but I'm on my way to opening my shop any day now.

On Saturday, prior to our BBQ, we noticed our fridge was kind of warm.  Or, maybe not so much warm, but not as cold as it should be.  The freezer worked fine.  By Saturday night it got worse and by Sunday morning we officially declared it broken. 

It just so happened Sunday was Father's Day so after we let Rob sleep in and offered breakfast in bed (he doesn't usually accept this because he likes to eat at a table...weirdo), we promptly put the Father of the household to work.  He worked on first getting the plastic cover off the back of the fridge, where we believed a fan was located, only to find that it was the damper of the fridge, not the fan.  Then he did some research and found that the evaporator fan (which is what we were looking for) is actually located at the back of the freezer, so he set about getting access to that.  After 20 or so frustrating minutes, he gave up and called Sears for a repairman.

Sears said that it would be $75 just to come to our house, then parts and labor on top of that.  In addition, the earliest they would be able to come was Tuesday morning.  That was 3 whole days without a refrigerator, and also very expensive (in my opinion).

I grew up in a house where you didn't call repairmen.  You just called Dad.  So, I was determined that we could fix this ourselves.  Surely I must have some "fix it" genetics?  Right?  When Rob left for his Father's Day massage I was able to get to the fan in the back of the freezer.  I gave it a little tap and it started up.  I thought our problems were solved, but after further investigation, they were not.  The fan was not moving fast enough to force air up into the fridge, and it also would not start on it's own.

This morning I had my dad come over to investigate further with me (Thanks Dad!!).  We got the back cover completely off the freezer and he declared it was a bad motor.  Next I called Sears parts and for $69 I could have a new motor in my hands the next day.  I called Rob and he did some digging and found one in Coon Rapids for $40.  Sold!  Rob went on his lunch hour to pick it up, I went on my "lunch hour" to get it from him (Thanks Mom!).  Now I was back at home with the following:

And this:

The whole process probably took me close to an hour and a half.  If I had to do it again (and I pray that I don't!), I could probably do it in 45 minutes.  I have decided that the back of our freezer is aesthetically pleasing, but completely inconvienant from a repair standpoint.  Tiny screws in tight spaces.

I finally installed the motor, plugged it in, and it whirred to life.  Satisfied that air was reaching the fridge, I went to work putting everything back in place. 

I spent 15 minutes fitting these awful four screws into their correct places only to realize I forgot to pull the plug on the left (labeled "Grrrr!) through the hole in the freezer backing.  I had to unscrew all those awful screws and start over.

Now I'm left with a refrigerator that is working and this:

Only one extra piece....not bad.

Okay, just kidding.  I mean, I'm not...I do have an extra wire, but I have confirmed with my Dad that the green wire is unneccesary.  If you're in the market for a green piece of wire, I have one I'll sell you for $40.


Carol said...

You are amazing and definitely have your Dad's genes!

Sue H said...

You're a role model for women everywhere! Well, except for at my house...I'll let Jim keep the appliances running!

Anonymous said...

Bravo!! Maybe you could go to work for Sears and fix dish washers as well as refrigators. You mother would really like that.