Sunday, June 6, 2010


None of my babies took to pacifiers.  No one has a favorite stuffed animal (except me).  No one sucked their thumb.  In fact, until Riley, there weren't really any vices that needed to be "broken" with my kids.

Enter Riley and her blankets.  Or, her "stinkies".  That is what she calls them...or used to call them.  She has recently transitioned to "bankies".  There are two of them, one pink, and one yellow.  Or, one that used to be yellow but has taken on a new shade of dingy.

Today was blanket washing day.

This is not Riley's favorite day.  She stands by the washing machine and cries until I find something to distract her with.  Today, it was a "stand in" blanket that finally calmed her down.

And, she is holding onto that blanket for dear life, lest her horrible mother throw it into the blanket eating machine with the others.

Today when I went upstairs to retrieve her prized posessions she called up the stairs "Mommy!  Wer are oooo?"  and I answered I was upstairs and she yelled back, clear as day "Didjoo find my bankies?" with a hint of excited anticipation about the impending reunion.

And then it was something straight out the movies with a slow motion run to retrieve the blankets (that yellowish blob in the bottom of the picture).  Look at her face...she is SO excited.

The expression on her face is the very reason I am hesistant to follow through with my plan.  My plan to extract a part of her blanket that grosses me out.


That is straight out of the wash.  I do not know what kind of blanket eating, hybrid bacteria lingers in my baby's mouth, but that is disgusting.  The plan is to cut it off and re-hem the blanket good as new.  But, I'm afraid I'll screw up, and then I will see this face 24 hours a day.

This "my bankies are perfect as they are" face is so much cuter.


Carol said...

I can cut that part out of the blanket and it will be good as new. I can even do it while she is napping and she will never know.

The Snyder Family said...

OH MY GOODNESS....this totally reminds me of BOTH my girls...but especially Kelly. I have many pictures of her crying in the laundry room!!! The expression when they get their blanket back is priceless!!!!