Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sneaky Snack

This morning, after I stepped on yet another piece of granola bar on the floor, I decided I would vacuum.  After I finished the first floor, Ellie declared the vacuum was too loud.  I suggested that when I went to finish on the second floor, she could remain on the first floor.  It would be quieter and everyone is happy.  Fair enough, she says. 

Well no, she didn't say that, but she thought it was a great idea. I could tell.

When I finished vacuuming the second floor, which generally takes about 20 minutes, I heard Ellie yell "Mom!  Come and see what I did!!"  A little nervous, and even though I heard her perfectly clear I said "What?" and she replied "Come and see what I ate!!!"  She was terribly excited about whatever she consumed and I was terribly anxious about what she could have gotten into.  As I rounded the corner she shoved her frosting stained hands up at me and said "Look at my hands!  I had some cake and it was DELICIOUS!"  She was as proud as can be!

On her face, on her hands, and in her belly.

She's a problem solver that Ellie.  The cake was out of her reach, no big deal, she pushed over a stool and fixed that problem lickety-split!  She even retreived her Strawberry Shortcake pool while she was up there.  I'm sure it was a delightful little treat and play time.

The cake has seen better days.


Rob said...

I usually do this too, but it's late at night.

Kristy said...

Too funny! She is adorable!