Monday, June 28, 2010

Pseudo Vacation

This past weekend we broke into my sister's house while they were out of town and utilized their pool.  Or, maybe I called her and asked permission even though they repeatedly tell us we can use it whenever we want.  But, it sounds more rebelious to say we broke in. 

Anyway, the point is, we had access to a nice pool this weekend and we definitely took advantage of it.  We first went there on Saturday morning.  When we originally had this great idea, it was steamy out and a pool sounded completely refreshing.  By the time we actually got together all the swimming gear and got to their house, the clouds had arrived and the pool was freezing.

But, everyone enjoyed themselves anyway.

On Sunday, we headed back (and had bumped up the temp of their pool a bit).  We brought some friends with us, and the weather cooperated much more.  Intermittent rain followed by bursts of sun.  The bursts of sun did a number on all the adults.  I think each of us received at least one patch of burned skin.  I can't speak for our neighbors, but between Rob and myself, I win for most burned surface area.  I must have completely skipped my stomach and legs (and two or three other random patches) when the sunscreen was being applied.

We also managed to save over 20 of these little guys:

I think the last count was 26 frogs, and most were still alive.  The others succumbed to the chlorine...or a bad throw on my part that may have landed them against a fence.  I was shocked that Austin held one.  He usually talks a big game when it comes to critters, but retreats when he's actually confronted by one.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves but hanging out in a pool all day is exhausting!

I'll give more notice the next time the Murphy's go out of town and you can all join us!

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