Friday, June 18, 2010

New at the Zoo

We finally had a nice day in a string of wet days.  The kids and I have been going a bit stir crazy in the house so we were eager to visit zoo yesterday.  As a bonus, the zoo just opened up a couple of new attractions. 

New Monkeys:

And new Bats:

Cutest animals I've ever seen.  In all reality, they did open some new exhibits and they were fun to see.  Once we passed the new animals, we did the obligatory walk through the rest of the tropics trail and we were pleasantly surprised to find the Komodo Dragon actually moving around so we stopped to watch him for awhile.

Randomly, I have to say that every time we pass the Komodo Dragon I think about how dangerous this seemingly docile animal is.  It is incredibly difficult to survive a bite from a komodo dragon because of the immense amount of bacteria in their mouth.  It enters your blood stream and usually kills a person within a week. (Austin and I just watched a Nature episode together about these guys) point is, when Austin climbs on the side like this, not even close to flipping over the railing (I swear Mom, not even close!), I always think "What if he fell in..."  What, as a parent, would you do?  Me, I'd jump in too.  Past that, I don't have much of a plan. 

Back to your regularly scheduled program.....

The main attraction for this zoo visit was the splash pad.

The kids wore their swimsuits (and I forgot towels) and they were eager to get splashin'!  Austin and Riley wasted NO time getting wet.

Ellie was a little hesitant at first, but I ended up having to drag her away when the rest of the kids were done.

Watching the kids offered a bit of comic releif for the adults.  Those little floor spouts shoot up water and the kids go wild and stick out their hands to block the flow and randomly, the spouts stop.  Well this, of course, sends the curious kids to their hands and knees to look into the spout hole to see why the water stopped. I bet you can guess what happens next.  The water randomly starts again and gets the kids right in the face when they least expect it.  It didn't bring anyone to tears, but it definitely shocked them every time (and yes, no lessons were learned and they continued to stick their face right in the line of fire time after time).

Without towels, the kids were a bit cold.  Austin found an empty bench that he could lay out on to let the sunshine warm him up.

We followed up the splash pad with lunch, playing at the new zoo park, a bloody nose for Austin, and a quick visit with the grizzly bears.  All in all, another great zoo visit.  I see a couple more splash pad visits in our future (hopefully with towels).

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