Monday, June 7, 2010

Ellie is 3!

Today my little princess turned three.  Her only requirements for her birthday were that it was pink and princess-y.  When she went to bed last night I decorated the downstairs with pink crepe paper.  Check.  The "princess" part mostly came in the form of presents.  Double check.

When she woke up this morning, my normally grumpy morning girl popped up in bed and said "Is it my birthday?"  After being awake for 10 minutes, and being told 15 times she couldn't open presents until Daddy got home, she decided she wanted donuts for breakfast.  In typical Runchey kid fashion, we went to Donut World in our PJs.  Ellie waltzed into the small shop, threw her hands up in the air and declared "It's my Birthday, everybody!!!" She was ecstatic because they had pink donuts (they get these every June) and she was convinced they were just for her birthday.

After donuts, Ellie selected the park we were going to play at.  After close to two hours at the park, we headed back home where Ellie chose to dine on Mac and Cheese.  Then the three amigoes ran around the house chasing each other stopping each time they entered the family room to aggressively hug until they all fell over.  They did this, non stop, for 30 minutes.  I was tired just watching them.

Thankfully, shortly after I woke the birthday girl up from her nap, Daddy came home and she was finally able to open presents!  She ripped them open, tossed them aside and started on the next one.  Austin, who helped me shop, blurted out what each present was just before Ellie had time to find out for herself.

This microphone is going to be a hoot.  Ellie loves to sing made up songs for us with the dramatics of a Broadway star...this plastic thing makes her voice an amplified echo of sorts.

I struggled through putting together her Strawberry Shortcake pool. 

Not because the directions were all that tricky, but more so because Riley insisted on "helping" and her idea of doing such was to take away my directions and/or vital pieces.  Thanks Ry.

After playing with the presents a bit, Ellie chose McDonald's for her birthday dinner and then it was home for cake and ice cream.

Ellie is our spunky, strong-willed, fairly independent little girl.  She loves to make a new friend anywhere and everywhere, and she never ceases to make us laugh.  There is a lot of love in that little girl and a lot of love surrounding her too.

Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, You certainly should love that beautiful, independent but very lovable little girl--we sure do!!!
G & G Runchey