Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daddy's Big Day!

Tuesday was Rob's birthday!  The kids and I spent the better part of the day getting everything ready (in their eyes).  We went grocery shopping for one of his favorite meals, we made a special trip to Menard's because they sell "Sprecher Puma Cola", we went to Target because Ellie was certain that Dad needed a pink balloon.  When the girls were sleeping Austin and I made his cake and cleaned up the family room.  Then Austin promptly messed up the family room.  Austin and I made Dad a t-shirt too.  When the kids woke up we made birthday cards and Austin signed his store bought card that he just had to get for his Dad.  Just as we (and by we, I mean I) were finishing blowing up the balloons, Rob surprised us with an early arrival!  We decided it would be fun to hide and surprise him too.

The kids wanted Rob to get right down to business.  The business of presents.  Austin had decided, at some point, that we should hide his presents like Easter eggs.  Ellie decided, at some point, that she would immediately tell Rob where each present was hidden.

Then everyone presented them with their cards....including Riley and her Elmo card!

And then everyone helped him open all of his presents.  This might be the most excitement I've ever seen on Rob's face.  Too bad it's exagerated fake excitement for the kids' behalf.  Not that he wasn't excited....he just doesn't show it that much.

After presents we skipped the planned dinner and went to the Lion's Tap because it was raining and our planned meal included grilling.  Rob's burger was free since it was his birthday and it was delivered with a candle stuck in it.  Then it was back home for a really awesome cake that my sister-in-law Lynne gave me the recipe for. 

Hopefully it was a good day for Rob, because I know the kids absolutely idolize him and loved preparing for his big day!

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