Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Walking Infomercial

The kids really don't watch much TV.  There are definitely times when I wish they would be entranced by a show so I could get a few things done, but for the most part, they prefer to drive me crazy.  It's far more entertaining.  Also, without cable, their program options are fairly limited.  Pretty much PBS Kids (which is commercial free).  However, the Saturday morning cartoons have recently become very popular around here.  And, since they are not on PBS, they have the normal commercial interuptions.  Only, and I don't understand why, the Saturday morning cartoon commercials have very little to do with kids, and more to do with the latest and greatest infomercial type product.  For whatever reason, Austin is a sponge for these commercials.

About a week ago we were walking through Walgreens and he saw this:

He said "Look Mom!  A tah-bo snake!  I wish we had one of those for our stubborn drains!  We wouldn't have to wait for a 'spensive plumber!"

No joke.  And, what I just realized this past weekend was that he pronounces it "Tah-bo" instead of "Turbo" because the guy running the ad is from Australia and says "turbo" with an accent.

This morning Ellie was trying on a new pair of sandals (Kohl's for $7.49, and I had $10 in Kohl's cash, so they were free!).  Austin was upset that he did not have a new pair of shoes too.  I explained to Austin that we just haven't found the right shoes for him yet, but that he'd be getting some new summer shoes soon.  He immediately told me that he wanted "Z-strap from Sketchers, because the super Z strap locks on and stays on!"

And, in the same breath, guess where he suggested keep all of his shoes?

Well, the Shoe Under, of course!

Watch out Ron Popeil!  Your long standing title of King of Infomercials is coming to an end.


The Pats said...

There should be a law against ads during childrens programs especially for products that aren't for kids.


Kerry said...

Ron Popeil?!? Where??

:) Had to be said, Rob. :)