Sunday, May 30, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

We just got back from one of our best Vegas trips yet (we've been there 5 times).  Or, at least I thought it was top notch.  But, before I dive into our trip, I wanted to thank the grandparents for watching our crazy kids!  I know, quite well, that they are a handful and really apprecaite both sets of grandparents going out of their way to help Rob and I enjoy a nice vacation!

Our trip had a rocky start.  Our 8am flight didn't leave until 4pm.  We didn't roll into our hotel until 8pm and essentially lost a whole day of our vacation.  Thanks Sun Country.

But, from then on, the vacation was great.  The normally steamy temperatures were mild in comparison to past years.  We lost our ability to sleep in, so by 7am we were out running on the strip.  We ran all of a 1/2 mile to breakfast!  We are easily distracted!  After hanging out at the pool all day, we went to the Blue Man Group show.  A friend of mine has worked with the show for quite some time and he comped us some awesome seats for the show.  The best part came after the show.  Corey stuck around and gave us a back stage tour. 

Rob and I learned all the secrets to the show and played some of their crazy pipe instruments.  Also, while we were touring Corey's office, there was a sign up sheet for free tickets to Paul Rodriguez (the comedian) so Corey signed us up to go to that show for free as well!

The next morning we made plans to go hiking at Red Rock Canyon.  Corey, who normally works 11am-7pm, picked us up at 7:30am (no doubt a struggle for him) and took us hiking.  It is something I've wanted to do every time we've been to Vegas, but have never gotten around to it.  It was beautiful and I definitely hope to go back again. 

We ran into a lot of these little critters.

Every time I saw one scurrying around I was worried it was either a snake or a big spider.

We came across this rock that was about to fall, but luckily, I was able to stop it.

Rob practiced his newfound skills in "extreme running" and was darting all over the place. 

Thanks Corey!  I thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

The rest of the week was a blur of pool time, new restaurants, shopping, craps and sleeping.  By the end of our trip I think Rob was able to sleep in until 9am (I was up and out walking by no later than 7:30am each morning).

A wonderful trip full of great food, friends, weather, and relaxation! We've already been discussing what we'll do there next year.  First, we'll let the Grandparents recover!

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Anonymous said...

Rob and Tracy--So glad you had a great time. I think Dad and I have recuperated from the Rob Runchey kids, but we're getting ready to take care of the Dave Runchey kids the end of this week, so yes, you better give us a little time before we are anxious to do it again. Won't be long and we'll be up there for the Braves' games. I'm thinking it takes me about two days to recuperate--I think Dad might be a little longer...We enjoyed the kids so much--but yes, it is a little more work(constant)than we're used to, but for our grandkids we'll do just about anything!!! Hope we didn't spoil them too much!!

Love, Mom