Sunday, May 16, 2010

A productive and Fast weekend

We're wrapping up an awesome weekend!  Rob worked from home on Friday and we had our carpets cleaned.  I took the kids through our normal morning routine (preschool, playworks, gym) but then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for lunch and naps so that we wouldn't get in the way of the carpet cleaners.  While the girls napped, and Austin played, I was able to sneak away for an hour or so to a meeting at Cargill. When the kids and I did get back home, they went straight outside to play in the back with Mia.  (Our carpets looked fantastic, by the way!)  2.5 hours later we threw some popcorn and juice outside with them, called that dinner, grabbed a couple drinks, and headed over to our neighbors house to watch a bit of the Twins game on the porch.  We could see the kids from their porch (it was their daughter our kids were playing with) and hear them giggling.  A great way to kick off the weekend!

On Saturday we thought the kids would sleep in since they were outside running around non stop for over 4 hours before bedtime.  No such luck.  6:30 and everyone was awake (except the parents).  Somehow Rob ended up back in bed so Austin and I made him breakfast and brought it up (eggs, raspberries and grape kool-aid....breakfast of champions).  We took everyone to Kohl's on the hunt for new running shoes for Rob and me.  Back home for lunch, and then the best part....a babysitter.  We have started, what I hope is, a new tradition.  We did it a couple weeks ago, and now again this weekend.  We hire our neighbor kid to come over once the girls are asleep to hang out and play with Austin.  He walks over, so we don't have to pick anyone up or drop them off, Austin likes it because he's a boy, and Cale (that's his name) is great with Austin and agrees to come over when the girls are sleeping (I don't blame him there!).  The best part was that when we went to pay him this time he claimed we didn't have to because he has to accomplish a certain number of volunteer time for school and with the deadline approaching he was still short some hours.  Yipee!  Although, we felt a bit guilty, we agreed to it.  With our three hours we went shopping to gear up for our Vegas trip (6 days...but who's counting....ME!!!).  We also stopped at Lund's bakery section for some delicacies.  Yum!  I think it might be my new favorite weekend routine.  Except, we can't do it every weekend.  We capped off last night with a trip to the park, pizza party, and the movie "Princess and the Frog".

This morning we skipped church because we thought it would be a perfect day to hit up the zoo.  Only, we never did make it to the zoo, but it was a perfect day.  We played outside, inside, and had a barbeque with some neighbors.

My carpets look brand new, I had free babysitting, and a lot of great weather with great friends.  Life is good.

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