Sunday, May 2, 2010

Girls Day Out

About a week ago my Mom arranged for a girls day.  She volunteered my Dad to watch my kids after preschool through naptime and she took my sister and I out to lunch.  It was as a "Thank you" for helping with a party she hosted for her sewing friends.  Whatever the reason, it was a fantastic day!

We all shared some delicious food at Wildfire (and some delicious drinks as well!), and followed it up with a bit of shopping at the mall.  We all had various errands to run.  But, no matter what we would have done that day, or where we would have eaten, it would have been just as great.  I am completely lucky to have such a fantastic family.  And to have both my mom and my sister within 10 minutes of me is icing on the cake.

It's not that Kerry and I weren't "close" growing up....maybe she recalls it differently, but I remember a very cordial relationship.  However, with 4 years separating us, especially when you are in your adolescence or teens, we were never interested in the same activities.  Now, on the other hand, we share not only a lot of the same hobbies, but the same thoughts as well.  More often than not, you will hear us make the exact same comment, word for word, in the exact same intonations, at the exact same time. 

And our wonderful Mom puts up with the two of us and all our wackiness (and adds a little crazy of her own). 

Yes, I am truly thankful that the ladies in my life are not only great relatives, but great friends.  Cheesy, I know...but true.


Kerry said...

Love it! I second everything - especially that your sister rocks. Wait...did I add that? Well mine does!

Carol said...

It was a great outing, so much fun - I'm the lucky one!