Thursday, April 8, 2010

Picnic Table - Finished

I finally finished the picnic table.  Actually I finished it on Monday. 

I really enjoyed building that table.  I really did not enjoy finishing it.  Painting, sanding, Painting, sanding, etc.  That is not my idea of fun.  But, I am happy with the color and I'm looking forward to a nice day when I can have the kids have a little picnic outside!  In the meantime, I forced my model to have a seat again.  This time I didn't pull him out of bed seconds before, so he is a bit happier.

Now I am drooling over this kitchen table:
Check it out here.  I'm already wondering if I could somehow use pieces of our current kitchen table to create this beauty.


Sue H said...

Awesome job! You and Rob H had to sit on a blanket in the backyard to eat your PB&J sandwiches. Your kids get to eat in style!

Carol said...

I say tear apart the kitchen table and see what you end up with, I'm sure you can make the new table!

The Pats said...

Love the color of the new table - great job all around. Go for it with the kitchen table - it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture and maybe you can get your sister to assist again.