Friday, April 16, 2010

Homemade T-shirts

I've been feeling particularly crafty lately.  I think the picnic table might have spawned my desire to create more things.  Whatever the cause, I decided that Austin and I were going to make him a Star Wars t-shirt.  Well, not quite.  We were going to buy him a t-shirt, and transform it into something Star Wars. 

Austin chose the color (blue, not surprising), the design, and did some of the work too.

First, he picked an image.  I gave him several choices.  This was my mistake.  I should have given him 3 choices, and made them all something not so intricate, but what can I say; if the boy wants C3PO and R2D2 who am I to deny him that right?

I traced the image onto some wax paper.

Then I layered painter's tape on the wax paper.  (Note:  If you're going to do this, put the tape on so that the sticky side will eventually go onto the t-shirt...otherwise, you might end up with a reverse image)

Next, I painstakingly cut out, with an exacto knife, the image my dear son chose. (And repeated: I love him, I love him, I love him throughout this tedious process).  Once the image was cut out, I peeled the wax paper off the tape, and pressed the tape onto the shirt.  I also did a line around the neck, sleeves, and bottom. 

Blue on blue, not so easy to see.

Next Austin and I got dressed in our finest attire and went to the garage to spray the shirt with a mixture of bleach and water.  Austin did the spraying.

Then we didn't think it was working and worried that maybe I didn't mix enough bleach in, and we sprayed it some more.

Then we took the shirt outside for better light and it transformed before our very eyes.

And the final product after we removed the tape:

Pretty cool I think.  It would have been even better if I didn't encourage more bleach would have had more of a speckled appearance.  It's currently drying outside and I'm crossing my fingers that when I go to wash it, after it's completely dry, it won't have enough residual bleach on it to just bleach out the design.  Anyone have experience with this?

I'd have made one for each of the girls too (not Star Wars), but finding a plain girls t-shirt in toddler sizes is next to impossible.  Keep your eyes open and let me know if you find any!


Sue H said...

Tracy, you are definitely in the Cool Moms Hall of Fame.

Kerry said...

Super cool! THIS is what you were trying to explain! I showed it to Maddie & Jake...Maddie wants a puppy.

And I'm sure there's a craft blog out there that shows you how to transform an old adult t-shirt to a toddler shirt. HA!

Carol said...

I think you should teach crafts, this is so nice. I'm sure Austin loves his new shirt!

Anonymous said...

Cool-Cool Shirt!! Maybe you should start a business!! Love Ya, Patti

Jane said...

Super cute! Did you try Walmart for Granimals t's?