Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter in the Bend

We traveled to Iowa for Easter this year.  We tried something new and left around 10am with the kids.  The hope here was that they would all stay awake for the 3 hour ride and then take their full naps when we got there.  We almost made it, but Riley crashed with about 30 minutes to go. 

(She's awake here; singing)
Ellie took her nap when we got there, but that 30 minutes was just enough to rev up Riley's engines again and she was not having any part of a nap when we arrived.

Our trip involved a lot of trips to "Grandma Runchey's" park (it's really a public park, but my kids are convinced it is Grandma's), a couple walks, and a couple visits to "Tractor World" (Grandpa's CaseIH shop).  I also got in on the fun at Tractor World when I went with the guys to get Bob's ATV out of the back of the shed and ready for the summer.  Well, I was not much help in physically moving it out of the shed, but Bob did show me how to drive it after a little hesitation on my part.  I've never been a "need for speed" kind of gal, but that was pretty fun!  Not that I went that fast, but I could see how zooming around on one of those would be entertaining!

Grandma had all the egg dyeing supplies ready to go on Saturday and Austin wanted to dye all of his eggs blue. 

Ellie wanted all her eggs to be pink. 

Riley didn't care.  We managed to sneak in a few extra colors here and there.

On Easter morning everyone went hunting for their hidden baskets. 

(Sorry for the weird angle, but Ellie, in the background, just finished checking under the very flat rug for her Easter basket...nice try, Sweetie!)

Everyone was happy with what the Easter bunny brought and before we knew it, it was off to church.

We haven't attempted sitting through a whole church service with all three kids since the last unsuccessful attempt about year ago.  We usually take the kids to the nursery and Sunday School.  But we all got gussied up and headed out.  We made it through almost the whole service by offering up fruit snacks, starbursts, and books to each of the kids.  I can't say I heard one word that was spoken by the priest so from that standpoint, it wasn't the most successful trip, but there were no major crying sessions, so we'll call that good.  The kids and I did slip out with about 10 minutes left and went outside to walk around the Grotto

I had reached my limits with the kids by the time we got back to the house and had a monster headache to boot, but we wanted to get a shot of the family all dressed up, so here is our manufactured memories:

And two seconds later:

My favorite part of the above picture:
(She's thinking, "Man, my brother is weird!" and he's
thinking "I'm done, get me out of this thing!")

Within 10 minutes of getting back we were all in our comfy clothes and enjoying the Easter feast Patti had prepared!

We hope you all had as nice of an Easter as we did!

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