Thursday, April 22, 2010

Accessories make the girl!

This morning, after I got everyone dressed, I came across a headband accessory that was still in it's original package.  I believe it came with a tinkerbell shirt of Ellie's, but I just never opened it.  Well, today I opened it and gave it to Ellie to play with.  She was delighted.  I then went about my business running up and down the stairs 243 times to put everything back in it's place after the morning rush.  On trip 142, I grabbed the camera to bring it downstairs, it was then that I walked past Ellie doing this:

She said "{Gasp!} I look SO beautiful!" over and over again!

She could barely turn attention away from the beauty in the mirror.

She kind of reminded me of this:

We're going shopping for leg warmers later today.

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