Saturday, March 6, 2010

They're back.

We've had some visitors lately on the berm.  I'm sure I've touched on the wildlife refuge we have in our backyard.  Hawks, jack rabbits (the size of great danes), ferrel cats, eagles, and now the coyotes are back.  I heard them yapping and howling last night but couldn't see them since it was so dark.

This morning I peaked out there and was surprised to see two of them just hanging out on the top of the berm.

Just enjoying the sunrise I guess.

I enjoyed watching them for a bit.

They would perk up every once in awhile like something caught their interest.

This made me start thinking about what they eat.  I googled it.  I should stop googling things like that.  I came across an innocent fact page that talked about how coyotes have been known to easily get over 5 or 6 foot fences.  But, if a fence proves too high, coyotes are expert diggers, and will easily tunnel under said fence.  Oh, and also, the amount of attacks on  humans is increasing.  Including little humans.

It's as if he could read my mind.  So, I quickly started thinking things like:  My husband has been known to shoot ferrel cats that wandered into our yard and started having parties on our deck at 3am when his wife was 6 months pregnant and already low on sleep.  Don't cross a pregnant woman low on sleep (or at least her BB Gun toting husband).

That's away.  You should be scared.


Sue H said...


Kerry said...

Mike said he would Definitely be buying a gun! He thought the pictures were inane. My kids will love those pics but we won't be playing in your backyard at sunset.

Jane said...

Too funny! They are pretty from a distance.

Meggan said...

Cools pics! I don't think you have too much to worry about although I can see how you would worry. Wild animal interactions are becoming more and more common now that we keep moving out into the "country". We live in a city of 250,000+ and have deer, turkeys, fox, skunks, opossums and raccoons in our yard - go figure!

Carol said...

Call someone and have them rounded up, way too scary for Grandma to even think about.

Carol said...

Way too scary, call the police and have them removed, rounded up, whatever and however - way too scary for Grandma to be thinking about.

Carol said...

Oops Tracy left two messages -well now three!

Amy said...

Oh Geez. Did the article say they liked eating Yellow Labs? Maybe letting Lucy wander isn't a good idea. But they'd attack if she was leashed and she couldn't run? Whoa, pretty freaked out!!