Monday, March 22, 2010

The Slippery Reader

The month of March has been Celebrity Reader month at Austin's preschool.  When I saw the sign up sheet posted, I immediately signed up Rob to read to Austin's class.  I couldn't think of anyone else that Austin would rather have come to his class and read a book, than his dad!  But, I purposefully didn't tell Austin for a couple reasons.  1) I needed to make sure Rob could actually rearrange his work schedule to accomodate the preschool schedule and 2) If I told Austin that his dad was going to his school to read to him, I would hear about it every 5 would have been a very long month!  But, the teacher told Austin the good news last Friday and Austin ran up to Rob and said "Dad!  You are going to be our Slippery Reader!"  He was extremely excited (Austin that is...not Rob...or maybe Rob too).

Today when Rob came down in his work clothes Austin said "But Dad?  I thought you were going to be our Slippery reader today?" and Rob confirmed it was part of his plans for the morning.  Austin said "Well, most of our Slippery readers just wear clothes.  Not work clothes."

He made an exception for Rob and his work clothes and allowed him to come to his class anyway to read "There's a Wocket in my Pocket".  It was such a hit (and so short) he had requests for an encore performance.  Then he slipped out of the room and off to work.  Just like a Slippery Reader should.

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Carol said...

What a super, great Dad!