Thursday, March 25, 2010

The New Academic Plan

There has been an ongoing debate in my own head on whether or not Austin is ready to go to Kindergarten next year.  Although the teachers mentioned his social skills were lagging (which I was shocked about because around the neighborhood, you can't get him to stop talking with everyone), but have improved a lot.  What my concern was, was his ability, or rather inability, to hold a pencil the right way.  I mean, he's made vast improvements in this area too, but that isn't saying much since he had minimal skills to start. 

It's just not his thing.  He doesn't like to draw.  He doesn't like to color.  He doesn't like finger paint, and only mildly tolerates regular paint.  So, how does a mom increase her son's fine motor skills when he has zero interest in any of the above?


Specifically for my son, Star Wars Legos.

I came across these great $3.50 Star Wars Lego packs in the Easter section at Target.  Of course, I had Austin with me so I didn't buy any at the time, and when I went back to get them, they were sold out.  I sent the family on a man hunt and now have plenty.

But, after having watched Austin build two of these ships now, I am convinced this is my answer to increasing his fine motor skills.  I mean, these pieces are TINY!  I don't help him one bit with putting the ships together.  The other great part is that he is slowly learning to read the directions by himself.  The age range for these packs is 6-12, so I don't anticipate he'll be completely capable of following the directions solo anytime soon, but with a little guidance, he builds the ships himself and his dexterity and concentration is bound to improve.  Look at the focus in those eyes!  He isn't even bothered by the fact that my camera is 8 inches from his face.

So, this summer, we will be buidling Lego ships.  Attempting to color in the Star Wars coloring book, and then I'm going to make him write his name each day.  Maybe I'll find a Star Wars pencil or something.  After that, it's up to the teachers.  May the Force be with them.


Kerry said...

I have two Star Wars Pencils left over from Jake's birthday and they haven't even been sharpened yet. That should get you through the summer!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this -- but Thank Goodness for "Star Wars"!!!!!
Tracy, could you send me the kids' sizes--I want to get them an Easter shirt of spring pajamas. What would you rather I get them?? or don't you care? Thanks,

Grandma Patti

Abbie and Mike said...

Just so you know, in 3 years of teaching kindergarten, every year I had 5 kids or more that couldn't write their name, sometimes they didn't even know the letters in their name. So, don't worry or put too much pressure on him. Maybe once he sees that it's just what you do at school, no biggie, he'll come around.

Love the lego fine motor thing! It's brilliant! I wish I had thought of that one when I kids needing help!