Monday, March 29, 2010

Move Over Rob

I'm taking over the shop.

For the last couple of months I have been fascinated by the blog "Knock Off Wood".  The woman who runs this blog breaks down popular (read: Pottery Barn) furniture into easy to read plans ready for anyone who is interested in buidling their own furniture for a fraction of the cost of purchasing.  Kerry has also been allured by this site, and together we have no shortage of projects we would like to build.  However, it wasn't until she posted THIS, that I actually felt inspired enough to go out and buy this:

On my Thursday night off, I headed over to Lowe's where I dug through their piles of boards and pick the straightest I could find. $13 Later I walked to the car armed with the materials to build my children a picnic table.  I needed to beef up Ana's plans a bit because the Runchey children come a little taller than your average brood.  I enlisted my dad, and his ability to retain every geometry proof he ever came across in high school, to calculate new angles for me to use for the table legs so that I would add 2 inches of height to the table, while still maintaining a solid base.  Thanks Dad.

Next I cut the wood down to the right lengths (or what I thought were the right lengths...more on that later).

Then I stopped and I waited 3 nights while Kerry and I worked out our schedules and found a time to build this bad boy.  We wanted to learn together.  Plus, I'm fairly certain that there is no way I could have done this without extra hands (more on that later too).

Today Kerry came over at 1pm, I quick threw all three children in their beds and threatened them with platefuls of vegetables should they decide to sneak out of bed.  No.  Not really, but I thought about it.

My kids nap from 1-4, so that gave us 3 hours to build the table.  We lined things up.

We drilled holes (I'm in love with Rob's power-driving drill!).

We (and by "we", I mean "I") may or may not have cut two boards about 10 inches too short and had to run back to Lowe's to buy another board.

We also may have jerry-rigged one board that wasn't quite fitting how we wanted it to.  But, it is underneath the table and no one will ever see it.


This is why I'm certain I wouldn't have finished this on my own.  Kerry was my human clamp.  I mean, Rob's shop is loaded down with clamps, but my human clamp was able to measure and line things up.  Handy thing, that sister of mine.

In just shy of 3 hours (including my trip to Lowe's and back), we produced this:

This extremely stable table.  It does not wobble even a tiny bit.  However, one side of this table just might be more stable than the other.  The plans call for screws and wood glue at every fastening step.  I'd say we remembered the wood glue on about 30% of our joints.  Glue schmue.  Who needs it?

I literally dragged Austin out of bed, threw some shoes on him, and told him to have a seat.  Doesn't he look happy?

Then I brought out some jelly beans and bribed his friend to have a seat too.  They both sat very comfortably and munched on their treats.  Once Riley and Ellie were awake, they too enjoyed the table.

Now I just need to sand it down, fill the screw holes with some wood filler, and paint it!  I haven't completely decided on a color yet but Austin has given me several options.  Ellie has given me

I'm pretty proud of this!  Kerry and I will be taking your orders shortly.  There may be a small wait list.  With our first project under our belt, we'll be taking over Rob's shop with all our "to build" projects we've been drooling over on Ana's site.


Abbie and Mike said...

I love it and I'll order one because even though I like to dream up renovations, and shelves I'd like to build... deep down I know I'm not meant to cut and drill wood together!

The Pats said...

The table looks very professional - even before the holes are filled. You "nee Smith girls" are very talented and looks like you had some fun along the way. Way to go!

The Snyder Family said...

I want one! It is adorable! I might have to have my husband make I am not so handy with tools! Very creative!

Jane said...

Had to check it out, LOVE it. Sign me up for one!

Ana White said...

Wow, nice work! Love it!

Paul said...

Impressive work! Looks professionally done! With results like that who needs to buy expensive foreign-made products. Plus you deservedly can take pride in making something with your own hands.

What's your next project? Good luck!