Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here Comes the Sun (do-n-do do)

What a gorgeous day!!! 

We didn't waste a second of it.  We were out of the house by 9am and playing in the front yard.  At 9:30 I wrangled up the crew and we hit the grocery store.  But, with the promise of a visit to a new park, they were on their best behavior.  Well, not Ellie.  Ellie has temporarily (I hope) lost her "best behavior" someplace. 

As soon as we got to the park the kids took off in



Within 2 minutes of being there, Austin yelled from the top of the tower "Hey Mom!  I made a new friend!"  and then later I heard him telling her "It's great to make new friends, don't you think?".  Cute.

Ellie latched on to one our neighbor girls (who is 5) and Riley played with her neighborhood friend (the same age) for the first time.  I mean, they've been around each other plenty, but this is the first time they have actually played together. 

After chasing everyone around for an hour or so, we went to have a picnic lunch and a very small egg hunt (one egg/kid).  After lunch, the kids all gathered up on the bench of the gazeo to get a better look at the pond and birds.  Here they are, with their ages.  We're a busy bunch when we hang out!

Then Austin did this:

And my heart melt.  He loves her....really he does.

And when I thought my kids couldn't possibly be any cuter, Riley worked her way over to big brother to get a little love too.

It was a fantastic morning.  Riley was a big helper on the way back to the car.

Sorry about your lunch bag, Rob.  But, as you know, when she wants to do something, sometimes it's easier to just let her go.

We are looking forward to summer and the promise of more warm sunny days!

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