Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crazy Days

It was craft day at the Runchey house again last week.  I'm convinced there are great crafts to be made from egg cartons.  I have NO idea what they are yet, but I always make sure I have at least one empty egg carton on hand before I throw one away.  I just know there is going to a fun activity around the corner that requires an egg carton.  In the meantime, we set off to create some crazy glasses.

I set each kid up with their own paints and paint brushes.  I don't like to encourage sharing.

Okay, really I did this because Austin didn't want pink.  Ellie only wanted pink, and Riley didn't voice her opinion.

Austin was concentrating very hard on his task. 

So was Riley.

Oh no, wait! That's not how it went.  Riley was sitting on my lap and I was helping her get the paint on her "glasses" when we had a battle over artistic differences (she was trying to paint my face) and she insisted I vacate her chair and leave her be.  I agreed, but I took away her brush and replaced her paints with finger paints.  I wasn't in the mood to repaint the walls and that was the direction her "art" was headed.

Ellie was perhaps the most focused.

And yes, I DO comb my child's hair. 

I swear I do.

Here, with the addition of some pipe cleaners, are the fruits of their labor.

Ellie did not want to put her Crazy Glasses on.  She didn't want to look "crazy".

Who would ever think that?


Sue H said...

Oooh, I think I have next year's project for the retirees in Texas! Hysterical!!!

Carol said...

I think it is great how many fun projects you do with your kids. I love to see all the fun things you make. I love Ellie's hair!