Friday, March 12, 2010

Bunch of sickies

Not much has been going at our house.  Except for sickness. 

Last weekend Ellie was sick.  It came on suddenly, lasted a night, and left just as quickly as it showed up.  I thought we were in the clear.  Then, last night, she had a relapse.  I knew at noon that it was happening.  I found her laying on the floor zoned out.  Ellie is never laying anywhere.  She is a princess and her main role as such is to dance around in loud plastic high heels.  Sure enough, around 7:30pm she got sick again.  Today she is in better spirits, but seems to have caught on to the idea that when she is sick, she gets more attention.  Thus, every once in awhile her "belly hurts".  But I think she's fine.

Riley, she also does not sit still.  She is the baby sister and her job as such is to irritate every one else.  Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but nonetheless, it is a role she has perfected.  Laying on a chair is not in her job description.

Sure enough.  She is now sick too.

I'm sick too.  But, I believe mine could be allergies.  I've been in denial about having allergies for years.  Never had them growing up, so why would I now?  My self-diagnosis came when I once attended a "Mold & Mycotoxins" conference (enthralling, I know), where we observed several mold cultures in covered petri dishes to help us in identification.  Well, some yahoo in the class took it upon himself to get a better look at each mold and opened up every petri dish sending mold spores flying everywhere.  As I left the room nauseous, feeling my throat tightening, and my eyes tearing up....I realized I was allergic to mold.  I've been in denial ever since.  The "allergies" only flair up when it's know, perfect conditions for molds to flourish.  It's probably time to come out of denial.

I digress, we're sick here. 

And those eyes are saying "Mom!  Stop talking about mold, and start snuggling!"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Runcheys--Sorry you've been sick. Life isn't much fun when Mom doesn't feel well and it's ten times worse when the kids are sick. Sure hope you all continue to get well. Grandma R.