Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to reality

Well, my vacation was fantastic and thanks so much to all the grandparents and Rob for picking up my slack!

Carrie and I were able to go skiing again on Saturday afternoon, but the temperatures were around 60 degrees.  That is great weather for building snowmen, and not so great for skiing.  But, I still had a wonderful and exhausting time!

Upon arriving home I was energized and everyone was excited to see me so that was nice.  The kids' enthusiasm even carried into the next morning.  What a treat!

Riley.....Riley's hair seems to have grown at least an inch since I was gone.  No small feat for this little girl!

But, then I looked closer.  Go ahead, look closer.

Yes, that's right.  Along with her hair she has sprouted little horns and a major attitude.  Yikes!  I'm hoping it's short lived and can be attributed to some more teeth, or lack of sleep, and I'd even accept that she is just mad at me for leaving (or coming back--those grandparents can be very fun!)  The main point here is that I hope it doesn't last.  It's only Tuesday and I'm already planning my next ski trip!

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