Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Finger Paint Reveals

The other day, to pass the time and utlize my newly organized cupboard, we decided to finger paint. As I set everyone up with their paper and paints, I realized something. Each of my kids approached the project in different ways. Furthermore, the way they approached it was very similar to their personalities and how they approach a wide variety of situations.

Austin. Austin took his time. He studied the paper for a couple minutes and talked his way into the project. He only used one finger at any given moment. He asked a lot of questions about the different colors and why they're called the name they are called.

Ellie. Ellie jumped right in. No holds barred. Two hands, all of the colors, one mess (or masterpiece). She didn't once glance up to see what the other two were doing. It was her work, and her way.

Riley. Riley was hesitant. She stole several glances from both Austin and Ellie to see what she should do. Unfortunately, she was getting very mixed answers to her conundrum. She went with one hand, but she devoted that hand completely to the task. Once she got going, there was no more peeking to see if what she was doing was right.

On two random side notes, I would like to add that I do not remember finger paints being this consistency.

Granted, prior to having kids, the last time I used finger paints was probably in preschool so my memory might not be the best, but have they always been gel-like?

Secondly, finger paints are not as washable as they promise. Our little smurf Riley's hand remained blue for quite some time.

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Sue H said...

No, finger paint didn't look like that when you (and my kids) were finger painting! That apricot-colored gel looks actually quite delicious.