Saturday, February 20, 2010


We've been pretty busy around here.  Several beautiful, sunshiney days have put a bounce in our steps and the kids and I have been keeping pretty active.  Here's some snapshots from the past week or so.

Ellie just isn't Ellie until she's had her morning coffee.  Well, mostly milk, a splash of coffee, and a healthy dose of sweetner.  It's called "milk coffee" around here.  My mom started it and it has stuck.  Thanks mom.

Riley MUST be in on the action.  If everyone else is going to sit on regular chairs and drink milk coffee then so is she.  Do NOT try to put her in a high chair when she gets in these moods.  The results are not pretty.

Everyday before Austin goes to school.  We play Star Wars.  That's my knee we're playing on.  It was Princess Lea's palace.  I really struggle with this part of the morning.  My mornings would be so much more pleasant if he wanted to color or play Strawberry Shortcake.  But alas, everyone keeps telling me I'll miss this time, so I endure.

I think that Riley is getting sick.  I secretly love this time period between actually being sick and being healthy.  It marks one of the few times that she is actually snuggly.  But, she's not sick yet so she's still happy.  A happy, snuggly doesn't get much better.

Ellie has still been requesting pigtails in her hair.  I'm getting better but still have plenty of room for improvement.  Those elastics are so flippin' tiny!  They are not much bigger than the little rubberbands I was forced to attach to my braces for quite some time.  Impossible to stretch out. 

We went to the nature center yesterday for an outdoor and indoor adventure.  More on that later when I receive some pictures from a friend.  It was an awesome day!

Last but not least, we have Austin chirping.

Why, you ask?  Well, Austin just happened to learn the fun fact that when Cheetahs want the attention of their family or friends, whether to warn them, or just to tell them it's time to eat, they chirp.  Austin has now taken to chirping from his bed every morning. 
I can think of a hundred better ways I'd like to wake up in the morning, but at the same time, it does kind of make me smile.  Just a tiny bit...and I'll never admit that to him.

That's our re-cap.  This weekend will most likely include a trip back to the nature center to show Rob how cool it is, a birthday party for Austin's friend, a get together with family, and some cross country skiing.

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