Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ski Trip 2010

(My tram up to High Base Camp)

I'm in California!  I was dropped off at the airpot at 8:10am, my flight was at 9:30, and at 8:45 I was still standing in line to get checked-in.  I was a little nervous.  I'm not the type to get nervous at the airport about missing my flight, but as I stood at the back of line that was not moving and was so long that it was no longer contained by their ropes, I did start to get a little nervous.  Here is my first tip, pay the extra money on these days and use the curb-side check in.  I did that and it put me at the back of an even longer line for security, but I was at least checked in.  Here's my second tip.  There is a line at the MN airport for "expert travelers".  I stood, not moving, and watched this empty line and wondered what makes an "expert traveler".  Finally a TSA agent walked by and I asked.  The answer was "That is a line for people who know what to do when they get to the front of the security line.  I asked "So, anyone can go in there?  I know how to take off my shoes and stuff my belongings in a bin!" and then he laughed at me and said "Yes, you can go in there".  So, I went from pretty much missing my flight to sipping a mocha at the gate in under 3 minutes.

We went skiing straight from the airport yesterday.  When we got to Squaw Valley, I realized I had forgotten to pack my ski pants.  Not so great when your main goal of your vacation is skiing.  But, some long underwear, some sweatpants, and some good luck not falling at all and I was fine.  We're hoping to get one more ski day in today but they have been hit with a pretty big storm.  If we were staying on the mountain we'd probably be enjoying some great powder, but since we stay an hour away, we can't get over the pass to the skiing with such a huge storm.

We made up for no skiing today with several wine tastings!  I learned a lot about various wines I do not like and a couple I really enjoy.  I also learned a bit about vineyards and an overly chatty host at one winery gave me a lesson on Italian and the use of irregular verbs.  It was fairly random but she was generous in her pouring so I played along.

Cross your fingers for a break in the storm so we can get up there today to enjoy some of the fresh snow!

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