Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Letter Factory

Last Wednesday, during our weekly library trip, it was Austin's turn to select the DVD (we had already reached our quota on books).  He was very adamant about checking out a LeapFrog DVD called "The Letter Factory".  I actually tried to sway him with other options because, from the outside cover, I saw this only as an educational DVD, which is all well and good but the reason I let them check out a DVD each week is so that I can use it to distract them every once in awhile while I get some other things done.  I was afraid this DVD would be boring and would not help me in my quest at all.  However, Austin was persistent so we ended up throwing it in with the books.

This is the best DVD ever!

The characters visit a letter factory where they meet each letter one by one and learn the letter's sound.  There is a catchy (and for a parent, slightly annoying) tune for each letter.  The letters "learn" their sound in creative animated ways.  For example, the A's are intentionally scared so they scream "Ahhh!"...therefore the A says Ahh.  The C's are in a refrigerated room and are c-c-c-cold.  So on and so forth.

Ellie is glued to the screen when this movie is on.  Actually, she is the one who requests it the most and the other two watch it just because it's on, but ALL three of my children are picking up on the letters and their sounds.  Austin obviously has the best recollection of the sounds associated with each letter, but even Ellie can tell you what about 10-15 of the letters say.  And, Riley is pretty good with the "F" sound.

This morning we played "Letter Factory" for over an hour.  I had to pretend to visit each letter's room and guess what letter the kids were being.  Austin and Ellie would contort their bodies into the shapes of the letters and do something that started with that letter.  For example, Austin made (an impressive) letter J shape with his body and then stood up and started jumping. J-J-Jump! 

Anyway, my point is, if you're looking for a DVD you can play for your kids that they will enjoy and that will leave you feeling like you're not just using the TV to babysit (which is okay in my book too), then this is a good way to go!

I just need to find something else we need on Amazon so I can get free shipping!


Anonymous said...

You could always buy your great husband the next couple of books in the Mitch Rapp series.

stl82 said...

We have loved this movie for many years. Ours is a VHS and I refuse to get rid of it. My favorite letter is the old letter E that rocks in a chair and says "Eh?" like he didn't hear you.

Kelley and Gary said...

We own it and love it, great for teaching the kids the alphabet!

Anonymous said...

I loved playing this one for rainy day recess in kindergarten. It was introduced to us by a student who learned all his letters and sounds from the DVD... I don't usually say "run out and buy it" but this one is pretty close!