Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Apple and the Tree

In my continual (and probably futile) effort to keep the toys in our house at a reasonable number, and more importantly out of the main traffic areas, I sorted through some of them the other day.  It seemed about every other toy I grabbed to put away was a car.  Specifically a car from the movie "Cars".  Since Austin was 2 years old he has been enamored with these cars.  There were very few places, if any, that he did not bring a car for each hand.  Although Star Wars is his main focus these days, the cars still command quite a bit of his playtime.

He has a lot of cars.  Probably close to half of them are the main character McQueen.

To the untrained eye, these may look very similar or even identical.  But, to a master Cars enthusiast, they all have very distinct differences.  It's really quite a collection.

But, it's not the only car collection in the house.  Recently, this set was brought out of retirement.

These are Micro Machines.  Each one is just a touch larger than a quarter.  Cute little things.

Some of them have little tiny doors and trunks that open.

Some of them have working head and tail lights.

And these.  These little guys hold a secret.

Micro-micro machines.  About the size of a pinky nail.

But this one: 

It is my favorite.

Always has been.  For over 22 years, this car has been my favorite.

Yep.  They are mine.  When you grow up in a neighborhood with full of boys, you play with what they play with.  This rendered me quite a Tomboy.  But, a Tomboy with an impressive collection of little toy cars that were easy to pack away for over twenty years so that someday my son (or daughter...who am I to judge!) could play with them.

Now, when Austin wants to play with them he says "Let's play you, when you were little.  Go get those machines!".

The girls have not been introduced to them yet because I think Riley might find them delicious.  But, if the apples don't far from this tree, then they too will enjoy playing with them in a little micro world.


Carol said...

Did you happen to notice that you both have almost the same amount of cars in your collection. Austin is ahead by only a few.

david.infanger said...

I still have the entire first series of Micro Machines (~50 cars), also about 22 years old. I too have the car that is your favorite, and am excited for my son to play with them some day as well.

That was a fun trip down memory lane, thanks!