Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Riley is a bit of a trendsetter in our house.  Our perhaps it is more that she is only one year old and doesn't have much of her own stuff (not hand me downs) and so everything she puts on, or plays with, is/was once somebody else's and when that somebody else sees her wearing or playing with said item, they immediately want it back. 
That was a hard sentence to read. 
Anyway, this brings us to slippers.  Riley will happily wear either Austin's or Ellie's slippers all day.  Not that she gets the opportunity, because once Austin or Ellie see Riley wearing their slippers (the very slippers they wore for 5 minutes and ditched in some corner) they immediately want them back.

Today Riley had had enough.  She found the next best thing and has been wearing them all morning.

And here is proof that I take too many pictures:

I didn't suggest this pose.  All of their mouths are forming the word "cheese".

Today on our errands, and before the other two decide that snow boots and footy pajamas are the new trend, we are going to go find Riley a pair of her very own slippers.

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