Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jedi Training

I tell you what...if Jedi's were this cute:

I might be more inclined to watch the Star Wars series.

Maybe she is closer to one of those cute teddy bear Ewok things.

As Kerry mentioned here, Austin was the recipient of his very own Jedi cloak.  I'm told it's what Padawans wear.  Furthermore, I'm told Padawans are Jedi's in training.  He lived in this for the full first day he received it.  He ran around the house doing this:

And I pretended to fall victim to "the force" every time.

Then came Sunday.  That sad, sad day when the Vikings decided to throw the ball when they could have instead run it and kicked a field goal to land them in the Super Bowl (in my opinion).  My mom (like anyone) does not do well with anxiety and stress and that very game was putting her over the edge.  To get away from it all she went off in a corner and threw together a couple more cloaks for the girls.

Now I have a trio of monks playing around my house.

Austin is quick to help the girls adjust their outfits and teach them the ways of the Jedi. 

He stops short of suggesting they call him "master".

Look that youngest Padawan and how eager she is to learn how to use "the force".

"It's like this, Riley.  Spread your fingers wide, in your best "jazz hand" and scowl."

It was a proud day for Austin when his two little sisters joined him in his attempt to take over our house.

They need to work on their scowls.

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