Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my birthday!  Everyone should!  That is, everyone should love their birthday.  Not everyone should love my birthday (though I can't think of a reason why not).  Well, maybe if I could make a bit further away from Christmas (it's the 29th) that would be okay, but that's my only complaint. 

Rob knows how much I enjoy my birthday and every year he does his best to make it special.  Back when I was a "working woman" I once worked on my birthday.  It turned out to be one of the worst work days ever and I never repeated that mistake.  Now that I stay home with the kids (and work harder than ever), I don't really have the option to take the day off.  But, in my requests to Rob, I did suggest I receive Caribou first thing that morning, along with donuts, and as much time as he could spare before he needed to leave for work so I could lay in bed and enjoy my treats in tranquility.  It was a beautiful half hour.

After Rob left, the kids and I hurried through the morning routines and headed to the zoo.  I thought, as a treat to myself, I would let the animals entertain my children instead of trying to come up with ideas on my own.  It sort of worked.  It sort of was an ulcer in the making too.  The nice thing is that the MN Zoo does a great job of giving little kids all sorts of cool ways to get closer to the animals and their habitats.  The bad thing is that this involves tunnels far too small for me, but tunnels that my children LOVE to run into.  Furthermore, there are usually 3 exits from said tunnels which means once my kids enter, I have to dart around the outside rounding them up from each exit.  This is why it's usually best to come to the zoo with at least one other adult to play more of a man to man defense.  Lesson learned.  But, to credit my kids, they did ask before they entered each tunnel and they honored my request to hold hands while inside  so that no one (Ellie) got lost or scared.

Rob had also asked what I wanted to do that night.  I said that I would like to stay home with the family, have someone cook my favorite dinner, and to be present, but not be a "parent".  Around 2pm, as I rounded hour three of playing "Komodo Dragon" with Austin, I questioned my response to Rob.  Why didn't I just say "I would like to celebrate my birth by leaving the house...alone".  Rob did great though.  Sausage and Peppers, and a "cake" to boot! 

Onto the presents.  A new whisk, a caribou gift card, and a mini muffin pan.  All things I asked for! 

I wasted no time breaking in my new utensils.  For dinner the next night, I made the cutest little corn bread muffins you've ever seen!

Seriously....tiny!  Tiny things are fun to eat.

It was a great birthday!  Thanks to the fam!

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