Friday, January 29, 2010

Fear no longer

I crave organization in my life.  For that very reason, I cringe every time I needed to open up this cupboard during the day.

This cupboard is home to the kids' coloring books, work books, random candles, scissors, stickers, play doh, and basically anything else that I wanted out of reach but accessible on daily basis.  Everytime I opened it I was afraid I would be drowned in an avalanche of craft supplies.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I took the remaining $10 of our home improvement budget for the month and went to Target in search of solace.  Solace, and the cheapest container systems to get the job done.

This was no easy matter as this cupboard is only ten inches in depth and most of the containers I was attracted to were eleven inches.  I finally settled on some clear, 99 cent shoeboxes and a larger double decker container.  I added a couple upright file holders to the cart and went home with a smile on my face having stayed under budget, and confident I had what I needed.

As I emptied out the cupboard to adjust some shelves, I found a lot of out of place items.  This was the best find.

I meant to get that framed about 10 years ago.  It's been perfectly preserved under a pile of finger paints and construction paper.

This double decker storage container did not fit appropriately into my plan, but I will say it is my favorite purchase from the night.  If you are looking for a suitable play doh and play doh accessory container, look no further.

Here's the result:

Sadly, it does not look much different to me.  Though, I no longer fear opening the cupboard. 

Someday, when I no longer worry about someone chopping off their hair with a scissors, or scribbling on my walls with their crayons, I will find a better solution at ground level and this kitchen cabinet can go back to housing kitchen things.

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