Friday, January 22, 2010

Clip-Clop Clip-Clop!

Today, after we dropped off Austin at preschool, we skipped the gym/Playworks and ran errands instead.  That left us with a little bit of time at home before we needed to pick him up.

I kind of like days like this because the girls seem to bond a little when their older brother isn't around giving them orders of who they should pretend to be at any given moment.  Instead, Ellie gets her chance to order Riley around.  It's the Chain of Command around here.  Today, Ellie's orders where that Riley dance with her..."princess style".  This involves Ellie holding both of her partners hands and  dancing in a circle and singing "la la la" to no tune whatsoever. 

Well, today, Riley was having none of it.  She did not want to dance.  She informed Ellie she did not want to dance no short of fifteen times.  When that was not working, she took to her usual retreat.  The table.

And Ellie followed.  Great. 

Now I have two cheeseballs climbing on my table. 

However, I was a little bit impressed with Ellie.  Not because of her ability to climb.  I've seen her climb far greater obstacles. No, I'm impressed because she climbed up there sporting her high heels.

I can barely walk in high heels and my daughter walks, runs, jumps, dances, and climbs furniture in them.

If she is home, she is wearing them.  They are by far the most used, and most annoying toy in her posession.  Fake plastic high heels clomping around wood floors = one irritating noise.

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