Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas with the Smith's

On Christmas Day, once we finally got dressed at our house, we headed over to my parents house to celebrate.  Immediately upon arriving Austin scanned the stockings.  He was pleasantly surprised to find Darth Vader laying under his stocking.  Phew!  Because Santa did not bring this to our house and we had already heard all about it.  Once everyone was there, the kids wasted no time checking out their stocking loot.

Riley immediately focused her attention on yet another tube of candy that she couldn't believe was hers.  Allllllll hers!

Austin focused his attention on taking inventory of the great toys he received and tried to decide what he should play with first.

Ellie focused on hugging her cousin.  Katelyn was really into it the first three times, but I think I finally got a picture of Ellie's fourth request for a hug and by this time Katelyn was kind of over it.

Grandma declared a "free for all" when it came to gifts for the kids, but maybe someday (in, say, 4 years) we will be able to take turns and open one at a time. After gifts, Austin and Jake took stock of the "boy toys" and compared notes.

Once gift opening was over we all concentrated our efforts on inducing food comas.  With all the food my parents purchase, it is not a difficult task.  Mike took a break, and although I have no idea what is going on in this picture because I took it from the other side of the house, I did think it was cute because Ellie isn't usually the type to just crawl up on someone's lap and discuss current events (or anything).  She's far to busy for idle chit chat.

Our gluttony was followed by cards, trivial pursuit, naps, drinks, and more food.  Incindentally, Ellie did not follow the "nap" part of our schedule marking the first day that she has not taken a nap.  She had woken up at 5:45 that morning, skipped nap, and didn't go to bed until a litle after 8pm.  We were very excited at the prospect of sleeping in since our early riser was sure to be out for the count.  However, she did not.  Our 6am wake up call did not let us down.

Mark another year of a great celebration with the Smith's!

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