Thursday, January 21, 2010

Caught in the act

Riley is mischevious.  She is also a climber.  She is also a scrapper.  If she sees something that she wants, she is going to get it.  For example, Ellie left a bit of her granola bar on the table after breakfast.  This is what Riley did when I "left the room".
First she pulls out the chair and climbs up.

She zeroes in on the prize (if you look at her cheekbones, you can tell she is smiling at what she sees in reach).  "This will be easy!"  she thinks.

She heaves herself up onto the table.  This is no small feat given the size of her belly.

She spots the flash of the camera.  Busted.  But she's smiling.  She is trying to play the "I'm cute" card.

She realizes I don't think it's so cute and starts on her way down.

"Who me?  Nope, I wasn't doing anything.  Just sitting here hanging out, Mom."

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