Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reinforcements have arrived!

Rob was traveling for work this past week.  He left Sunday and arrived home, a little past due, last night around midnight.  So, maybe that's technically this morning.  But, I was happy he made it home at all considering all the airport delays I was hearing about this week.  Because of his late arrival, I haven't technically been able to reap any of the benefits two parents bring to a household...yet, but I'm counting down the hours until he gets home from work this evening.

I must confess, it wasn't my best parenting week.  There were moments when I was on the floor crying "uncle".  For example, Riley is really into wrestling.  You wouldn't think that a little one year old could do much harm, but she fights dirty.  At one point she "butt bombed" me while I was laying on my stomach on the family room floor.  This involves her straddling my bag and then jumping up and landing on her butt/my back full force knocking all of the wind out of me.  While I was trying to recover from the butt bomb of the century, she grabbed my hair and yanked it back.  Ouch.  As I was still gasping for breath with my head snapped back trying to reach her grubby little paws to loosen the grip, she used her other hand and shoved one little finger so far up my nose I was concerned she was going to poke my eye out from the inside.  All the while, her brother and sister cheered encouragement from the sidelines (for her).  They were like a couple of sharks who could smell the blood of a single parent.

This week, I had to wash everyone's sheets at least twice due to accidents at nighttime or naptime (well, except my own), and since we only have one set of sheets for each kids' bed the turn around time on that order had to be fast.  And there was an incident with some poop that I'm sure will be laughed at one day, but is not something I'm comfortable talking about and reliving quite yet.

To top it all off, school was cancelled yesterday and I somehow ended up with 7 kids and three moms (including my family) running around my house.  There were muffins baked, pretzels dipped, and lunches made. It was a little on the crazy side.

I went out to snowblow over naptime, and guess what?  My boots are broken.  The rubber lining around the bottom two inches of my foot completely cracked.  I repaired it with duct tape, but duct tape does not hold in extremely low temperatures.  In addition, I do not belong behind a snow blower.  I don't have the logistics figure out so that I don't blow snow all over the path I just cleared.

Last night for dinner, the kids had popcorn, M&Ms, sprite, mozerella sticks, and washed it all down with a Christmas Tree cakes.  I told you, not my best parenting week.  I was waving my white flag around 6pm.  But, darn it if Austin didn't sleep until 8am!  If giving him a Little Debbie Christmas Tree cake each night before bed fills him up so much that he sleeps an extra hour or two in the morning, I'm not above that!

And today.  Today I woke up with pink eye.  Or, something of the sort.  My eye is pink, maybe even downright red, but there is no itching or gook or anything.  Call it what you want, but I am going to use up some old drops laying around the house just in case.

Needless to say, the kids really missed their dad, but there is no one in this house who missed him as much as me.

Here end my confessions for the week.  Tonight I will be toasting to two parents in the house.  Then I'm going to lock myself in the bedroom and recover.

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Sheri said...

Oh Tracy, I'm sorry to say that Don and I had a good belly laugh at your expense. Your writing is just too good!! I hope that tomorrow is better! There were days when the kids and I would have cookie dough and potato chips for dinner. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. :)