Sunday, December 6, 2009


It is absolutely amazing what a child learns to do in their first year of life.  And though the momentum of a developing child slows down after that first year, there are still several milestones to be commended along the way.  Certainly being potty trained is at the top of the list.  Sleeping in would be on my list, but I have yet to experience that with any of our kids.  Another biggie would be the first time your child tells you "I love you".  Absolutely precious. 

There is yet another list of milestones you aren't as excited about.  Ellie has just accomplished one of these.  She is now able to open doors.

We have the "knob" kind of door handle so it requires a fairly good grip in conjuction with the strength and knowledge of rotation in order to open it.  This took Austin what felt like forever to master.  However, we were also very careful to not teach him.  There is little to no child safety in our house.  Well, let me explain that.  We keep chemicals out of reach (for the most part), there isn't anything fragile within reach, and some of the outlets might have covers on them, but most have been lost.  What I mean is, you will not find any latches or trick door stops anywhere in our house.  I guess I'm just old fashion in that when my kids try to get into something they shouldn't, I will teach them it's not okay.  It might take a few tries, but then they get it, and they don't try it anymore.  Problem solved and then no one gets the skin ripped off their hand when they try to open a cupboard that has a child safety latch (not so funny story, ask my Dad about it sometime).  Okay, I digress, back to the door knob.

Ellie can now open them.  Her brother was more than happy to explain the inner workings of the of the door knob, latch, shanks, and spindles and with this newfound knowledge, she has access to everything in the house.  Including the pantry.  Ellie believes this entitles her to snacks 24/7.

Just today I was upstairs with Riley getting ready for the day and I heard Ellie singing downstairs about goldfish.  After only 10 minutes of her tune did I realize she was singing about Goldfish crackers.  I thought that was odd so I came down to hear more of her lyrics and this is when she greeted me with a "Ta-Dah!"

She graciously had poured herself a bowl full of goldfish crackers.  But she's not selfish.

She also poured the equivalent of a bowl full for her sister.

She had a little trouble opening the bag, but she had no trouble emptying it.

She did have a little trouble with me pouring the majority of her snack back in the bag. 

I look forward to the milestone when they heed every word I say.  That happens.....right?

Nevermind.  There's something about this little girl that tells me that "heeding what I say" is a milestone I can file away with "sleeping in".

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Jane said...

Love that she opened the bag. We have the knob locks on the doors to outside, just because I fear that they might get opened when I am asleep.